OpenRadio was my final year project at Kingston University. This was the project that won me the “Best Software Engineering Project” award at my graduation ceremony.

The idea behind OpenRadio was to build a better music delivery platform. I was very interested in streaming radio when I was at University but I lacked the funding for full time streaming servers and music licensing fees for streaming were very high.

I designed OpenRadio to deliver a radio like experience, where everyone is listening to the same thing at the same time but it must run on easily available and above all cheap web hosts. OpenRadio will run on a regular LAMP server with no extra configuration and no extra permissions from the host.

OpenRadio uses a combination of Flash, PHP, MySQL, XML, JavaScript with AJAX. Using these and a clever algorythm I can ensure that everyone is listening at the same time. The system allows for people to act as a DJ or for the system to Auto DJ with full song history. Users can sign up and listen and like songs, play weightings are adjusted according to what people vote.

I am currently making plans to start working on OpenRadio again as a hobby. My coursework documentation is available on request.